1.0 NAME
The name of this organization shall be the Holmes County Family and Children First Council, hereinafter, The Council.

The Council is established pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 121.37 and shall have the authority granted by the Ohio Revised Code and such additional authority as may be agreed upon by the members.

Except as may be provided in a dispute resolution process agreed to by The Council, no action of The Council shall interfere with the fiduciary responsibility of any permanent, statutory permanent member.

The service area of The Council shall be Holmes County, Ohio.

The principal office and place of business of The Council shall be located in the Village of Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio or at such other place in the County as may be designated from time to time by The Council.


3.1 The mission of The Council is:

a. To promote and facilitate collaboration among community agencies serving children and their families.

b. To unite the community in promoting the well-being of children and their families through leadership advocacy, and coordination of services.

3.2 The Council shall:

a. Develop a comprehensive, well coordinated continuum of services that utilize a non-categorical approach by reviewing and adjusting existing programs or developing new programs designed to serve children and families so they reinforce each other and lead to better results;

b. Participate in the development of a county wide, comprehensive, coordinated, multi-disciplinary, interagency system for infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities or delays and their families;

c. Establish, annually review, and amend as appropriate, a Service Coordination Plan (Community Care) for the County and monitor its implementation;

d. Develop and support a process of service delivery that is comprehensive, family focused, family strength based and delivered in the least restrictive, normative service environment that is consistent with the resources available;

e. Identify service gaps in the service area and develop strategies and resources to fill those gaps;

f. Maintain an accountability system to monitor The Council’s progress in achieving its purposes;

g. Monitor and evaluate the quality of services provided;

h. Consider and recommend resolution of policy issues and concerns identified by The Council;

I. Resolve disputes regarding services between provider members in accordance with The Council’s dispute resolution process;

j. Promote services which focus on family preservation and empowerment;

k. Encourage member agencies and the community to focus on prevention and early intervention;

l. Arrange services which wrap around the family’s needs with due consideration for the long-term needs of the child and most effective use of resources;

m. Establish a mechanism to ensure ongoing input from a broad representation of families who are receiving services within The Council’s system;

n. Make recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly regarding provision of programs and services for children and families;

o. Make application to the Ohio Family and Children First Cabinet Council for a waiver of any rule(s) adopted by a State agency when that rule interferes with the delivery of the most appropriate service to children and families;

p. Refer to the Ohio Family and Children First Cabinet Council those children for whom The Council cannot provide adequate services;

q. Make periodic reports to the State Cabinet Council regarding the number of children referred to The Council, the progress made in meeting the needs of each child, and the operation of The Council;

3.3 The Council shall not become a “super agency” or impose an additional bureaucracy and administrative procedure on children and families


4.1 The Council membership will include those members mandated by the Ohio Revised Code Section 121.37 (B) (1) (a-o) and such additional persons representative of parents, advocates, community leaders, other service providers, agencies, and organizations within Holmes County who serve, support, and/or advocate for children and their families and who support and subscribe to the purpose of The Council as may be elected from time to time by the statutory members.

4.2 Statutory permanent members. The statutory permanent members of The Council shall be the following:

a. At least three individuals, who are not employed by an agency/organization member of The Council at the time of their election, whose families are or have received services from an agency represented on The Council or another county’s council. Upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, these members shall be elected by a majority vote of the statutory members of The Council. Terms of these members shall be two years with not more than two-thirds being elected in any one year. There shall be no limit to the number of successive terms an individual may serve.

b. The Director of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Wayne and Holmes Counties or his/her designee.

c. The Health Commissioner or his/her designee.

d. The Director of the Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services.

e. The Superintendent of the Holmes County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

f. The county's Juvenile Court Judge senior in service or another Judge of the Juvenile Court designated by the Administrative Judge or, where there is no Administrative Judge, by the senior in service shall serve as the judicial advisor to the county Family and Children First Council. The Judge may advise the county council on the court's utilization of resources, services, or programs provided by the entities represented by the members of the county council and how these resources, services, or programs assist the court in its administration of justice. Service of a Judge as a Judicial Advisor pursuant to this section is a judicial function. The Juvenile Court Judge will serve as a non-voting ex officio member of Council.

g. The Superintendent of the West Holmes Local School District.

h. A representative of all the other school districts with territory in the county or the Tri-County Educational Service Center. Upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, this member shall be elected by a majority vote of the statutory members of The Council. The term of this membership shall be two years. There shall be no limit to the number of successive terms an individual may serve.

I. A representative of the Village of Millersburg.

j. The Chair of the Board of the County Commissioners or an individual designated by the Board.

k. A representative of the regional office of the Department of Youth Services.

l. A representative of the County’s Head Start Agencies.

m. A representative (preferably a parent member) of the Holmes County Early Intervention Collaborative Group established pursuant to the Federal Early Intervention Program operated under the AEducation of Handicapped Act Amendments of 1986.

n. A representative of a local nonprofit entity that funds, advocates, or provides services to children and families. Upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, these members shall be elected by a majority vote of the statutory members of The Council. Terms of these members shall be two years with not more that two-thirds being elected in any one year. There shall be no limit to the number of successive terms an individual may serve.

4.3 Any statutory member representing an agency or organization [4.2(b-n)] may name, in writing to the Council Chair, an individual to be their designee at any meeting of The Council when other responsibilities prevent their attendance at any meeting of The Council. The designee shall have all of the rights and privileges of the membership during the period of designation.

4.4 Non-statutory permanent members. Individuals representing the following organizations or groups shall be permanent members of The Council.

a. The Superintendent of the East Holmes Local School District or his/her designee.

b. A representative of the Counseling Center of Wayne & Holmes Counties.

c. A representative of Your Human Resource Center

d. A representative of OneEighty

e. A representative of the Holmes County OSU Extension

4.5 Other Members. Any organization whose primary interest or mission is children and families that is based in or with a substantial operation in Holmes County is eligible to become a member of The Council. Application for membership shall be by letter to the Council requesting membership and endorsing the purposes of The Council and subscribing to The Council’s rules and procedures. Upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, other members may be elected at the annual meeting by a majority vote of the statutory members of The Council. Terms shall be two years. There shall be no limit to the number of successive terms an individual may serve.

4.6 Any non-statutory member representing an agency or organization is encouraged to select another person from their agency or organization when other responsibilities prevent their attendance at a meeting of The Council. Such designees shall have the right to participate in discussion, but shall not have the right to vote.

4.7 A vacancy in one of the Family Representative members shall be filled as soon as the Membership Committee presents a recommendation.


5.1 The Council shall meet at such frequency as determined by the membership, but no less than three times in each fiscal year. Meetings shall be held at a time and place designated by the Chair.

5.2 Special meetings may be called by the Chair, the Executive Board or by the written request of five members. Not less than five days written notice stating the purpose of the meeting shall be provided to all members for any special meeting.

5.3 Each member of The Council shall have one vote and must be present in order to vote.

5.4 A quorum shall consist of fifty percent of the members of The Council. If a quorum is not present, the Executive Board is empowered to take any action on behalf of The Council that may be required.

5.5 Meetings of The Council shall be public and shall be conducted in compliance with Ohio Revised Code 121.22. (Sunshine Law)

5.6 The public shall be given an opportunity to address The Council, under rules adopted by The Council, during all regular meetings of The Council. The Council shall defer any action requested during public participation to a subsequent meeting.

5.7 The last meeting of each calendar year shall be designated as the annual meeting.

5.8 Except for the members required by the Ohio Revised Code, the unexcused absence from three consecutive meetings of The Council shall be considered to be a resignation from The Council. Removal as a member of The Council for unexcused absences shall require a majority vote of all Council members.


6.1 The Executive Board shall consist of five-members. The Chair, Vice Chair, representative of The Council’s fiscal agent, and Chair of the Community Care Board shall be members ex officio with the same rights and privileges as other members. One additional member shall be elected from among The Council’s permanent membership (Section 4.2 and 4.4). If the same person holds more than one ex officio position, an additional member(s) shall be elected from among The Council’s permanent members.

6.2 Members of the Executive Board shall be elected annually at the annual meeting. There shall be no limit on the number of consecutive terms an individual may serve as a member of the Executive Board.

6.3 The Executive Board shall function as a finance committee. The Board shall prepare and recommend an annual budget for The Council based on the following sources of revenue:

a. Administrative grants from the State of Ohio.

b. Base support from agency and organizational members. The Council shall establish an annual dollar amount to be payable by all agency and organizational members except the Ohio Department of Youth Services. Agency and organizational members who fail to pay this assessment shall forfeit their right to vote and hold office.

c. Voluntary support from agency and organizational members. The Executive Board shall propose an annual budget to meet the needs of The Council and shall communicate to agency and organizational members the amount needed from voluntary support to balance the budget. During the fourth quarter of each fiscal year, each agency/organizational member shall be asked to pledge their voluntary additional financial support for The Council’s administrative budget during the next fiscal year based on their ability to pay and their commitment to Council.

6.4 Subject to the approval of The Council, the Executive Board shall establish a procedure(s) for the administration of any grants that pass through The Council.

6.5 The Executive Board shall supervise any staff and coordinate the work of The Council.

6.6 The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the Chair or on the written request of any three members.


7.1 The officers of The Council shall be a Chair and a Vice Chair elected annually by the membership (Section 4) from among the statutory members (Section 4.2).

7.2 The term of office shall be one year coincident with the calendar year. There shall be no limit to the number of successive terms a member may serve.

7.3 The Chair and Vice Chair shall have such duties and powers as generally pertain to their respective offices, and such further conferred powers and duties as may be conferred by The Council.

7.4 A vacancy in the office of Chair or Vice Chair shall be filled by The Council at its next regular meeting.

7.5 The duties of the secretary shall be vested in staff and the duties of treasurer shall be vested in The Council’s fiscal agent.


8.1 Community Care Board

a. Composition. Members of the Community Care Board shall be the following individuals or their designees:

1. Director, Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services

2. Superintendent, Holmes County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

3. The Holmes County Juvenile Court Judge

4. Executive Director, The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Wayne and Holmes Counties

5. The Holmes County Health Commissioner

6. Chair, Holmes County Commissioners

7. Chief, Holmes County Office, Tri-County Educational Services Center

b. Responsibilities. The Community Care Board shall do the following:

1. Implement the Community Care Plan.

2. Develop Bylaws and operating policy and procedure to become effective when approved by The Council.


9.1 All standing, project and special committees shall be appointed by the Chair with the approval of The Council. The Council Chair shall designate the Chair of each committee. All committee chairs shall be members of The Council. Non-members may be appointed to serve on any project or special committee. The Council Chair and Council Coordinator shall be members ex-officio of all committees.

9.2 The terms of all committee members shall be for one year. There shall be no limit to the number of terms a member may serve on any one committee.

9.3 Standing Committees. The Council shall have the following standing committees:

a. Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall review all request for membership and recommend individuals for appointment to The Council. At the direction of The Council, the Committee shall recruit individuals/organizations for membership on The Council.

b. Grant Management Committee

The Grant Management Committee shall be chaired by the Vice Chair of The Council. The committee shall recommend to The Council a process for awarding, monitoring and evaluating outcomes of state and/or federal funds dispersed by and through The Council. The process shall be either a competitive request for proposal or the designation of a lead agency that is charged with developing a collaborative proposal. The committee shall:

a Review proposals submitted in compliance with the request for proposal or the collaborative process and, after careful review, make a recommendation to The Council on grant allocation(s).

b Develop service contract requirements and performance criteria that, in conjunction with any requirements of the primary funding source(s), will be used in the evaluation of the services provided.

c Monitor contracted services/projects and report to The Council on grantee goal/objective accomplishments, adherence to contract requirements, and will, if necessary, recommend modifications in current or future contract(s) that will improve services to the families and children in Holmes County.

d. Work with The Council’s administrative agent(s) to ensure compliance with all applicable local, state and federal requirements. Compliance will be determined through program evaluations and audits of all public and private funds disbursed through the grant process.

e. Seek and apply for grants, donations, etc. to further the mission of The Council.

f. Receive, screen and review grant requests for duplication, cost/benefit, appropriateness to identified service gaps and/or strategic plan of The Council.

g. Recommend to The Council endorsement or non-endorsement of grant applications.

c. Bylaws Committee The Bylaws Committee shall periodically review these Bylaws and recommend changes when advisable. The Committee shall review any proposed amendment to these Bylaws and present its recommendation to The Council.

d. Early Childhood Coordinating Committee (ECCC) The ECCC assists the FCFC in the design, coordination and implementation of a comprehensive, coordinated, interdisciplinary, family-centered  system of services for families with an infant or toddler at risk for or with developmental disabilities/delays. The committee shall: 
                            a.  Identify and coordinate a continuum of services that meet the social, medical, educational, and mental health needs of children prenatal to age six in Holmes County and their families.

                            b. Develop and implement a process that annually evaluates and prioritizes services, fills services gaps where possible, and identifies new approaches to achieve better results for families with young children.

Membership of the ECCC shall include:

i. The FCFC Coordinator or their designee;

ii. The Help Me Grow Project Director;

iii. One or more representatives from Local School Districts;

iv. At least one (1) representative from a local Health District;

v. At least one (1) representative from the County Board of MRDD;

vi. At least one (1) representative from the County Alcohol Drug Addiction Mental Health Board; AKA: Wayne and Holmes Mental Health and Recovery Board

vii. At least one (1) representative from the local Head Start agency and/or Early Learning;

viii.  At least one (1) representative from a child care agency or child care resource and referral.

ix.  At least one (1) representative for coordinating educational services to homeless children.

x.  Parents of children are always invited and welcome.  any staff that directly interfaces with parents shall provide parents with committee information, meeting times and locations.

Holmes County FCFC may provide for additional membership.  This membership may come from other agencies or services that meet the needs of children and families.

The operations of the ECCC shall be governed by Holmes County FCFC by-laws and procedures.

9.4 Project Committees. A project committee may be appointed to oversee and/or be advisory to any project being conducted by The Council.

9.5 Special Committees. The Chair, with the approval of The Council, may appoint such other special or ad hoc committees, task forces, or work groups as may be deemed necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes and activities of The Council. Such committees, task forces and work groups shall confine their work to the charge given and shall report to The Council. They shall not have the power of action unless such is specifically granted in the charge.

10.0 STAFF

The Council may employ staff under such terms and compensation as it may determine to be necessary. Any staff employed shall work under the supervision of the Chair and the Executive Board.


The Council shall designate one of the statutory permanent members as its primary fiscal agent. The administrative agent shall be responsible for the receipt, management, and disbursement of all Council funds and the preparation and presentation of regular financial reports to The Council. Other statutory permanent members may be designated as the fiscal agent for specific projects or grants.


Reimbursement of expenses incurred by members of The Council in attending meetings of The Council, its component groups, or committees, or in the performance of duties for The Council may be made in accordance with policy and procedure established by The Council.


The Council may, in accordance with adopted policy and procedure, provide for the indemnification of any member for any claims and defense costs arising from the performance of required duties for The Council.


All members of The Council shall protect the confidentiality of any information that is protected under law, rule or regulation.


No member of The Council, its component groups, or committees shall use their position on The Council or their relationship with The Council for personal or financial gain. Members shall avoid situations where their personal affiliations could have, or could give the appearance of having, a conflict of interest. Members shall disclose any conflict of interest when it occurs.


The Council may accept gifts, bequests and donations of money or property from any source to be used as designated by the donor and/or determined by The Council.


The fiscal year shall be twelve consecutive months as may be designated by The Council.


The parliamentary authority for all meetings of The Council, its component groups, and committees shall be the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.


The Council shall not condone or permit any discriminatory policy or practice with respect to age, race, religion, gender, ethnic group, or disability in fulfilling its stated purpose.


20.1 Notice of any proposed amendment shall be given in writing to all members of The Council at least thirty days prior to the date of the meeting at which a vote is to be taken on the proposed amendment. Except for agreed upon minor editorial changes, no change may be made to a proposed amendment after notice is given and prior to the vote on the amendment.

20.2 Any proposed amendment to these Bylaws shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the total voting membership of The Council. Unless specified differently in a resolution proposing the amendment, any amendment approved by The Council shall become effective immediately upon its adoption.


These Bylaws shall become effective immediately upon adoption and shall replace any previously adopted Bylaws.

Adopted: 05/08/97

Amended: 02/12/98








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According to Ohio Revised Code 121.37(B)(1)(a-n), each board of county commissioners must establish a county FCFC. The board may invite any local public or private agency or group that funds, advocates, or provides services to children and families to have a representative become a permanent or temporary member of its county council. Each county council must also include mandated, ex officio members.

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